The worlds of the funfair, music hall and the burlesque are set to collide when a spectacular ghost train is resurrected in Blackpool this month.

The Winter Gardens will play host to Carnesky’s Ghost Train, which is much more than just an old fashioned fairground ride.

Inside, the audience hurtles through darkened chambers while experiencing a series of live performances and illusions.

After touring the UK, a larger, permanent version of the ride has been developed in conjunction with the Blackpool Illuminations.

It will feature 11 new sets, new illusions devised by stage craft magician Paul Kieve, a cast trained in circus performance and dance and a theme that centres on a mother looking for her daughters lost on a journey Founder Marisa Carnesky, an Olivier winning performer, has partnered with the Illuminations’ team to use their skills in building large-scale visuals to expand the show.

They will create mechanical sets of haunted trains, derelict stations, squashed dining cars and magical sleeping carriages against which the ghostly daughters will beguile their audience.

Paul Kieve, the renowned stage illusionist who devised the magic for the first two Harry Potter movies and the recent West End production of Lord Of The Rings, has produced the illusions and claims he is able to make the entire cast disappear.

The show has a haunting soundtrack by Rohan Kriwaczek, the president of the Guild of Funerary Violinists, a society dedicated to preserving the dying art of the funerary violinist.

Marisa Carnesky, said: “Carnesky's Ghost Train has at last found its true spiritual home at Blackpool, Britain’s home of grand amusements and variety performance.”

Councillor Maxine Callow, cabinet member for regeneration and tourism, said: “We were delighted to have the opportunity to bring Carnesky’s Ghost Train to Blackpool.”

The opening date for the show has not been finalised and will be publicised shortly.