WESTMORLAND Gazette readers have been in touch to verify a sighting of a “baffling” UFO over Kendal.

The paper reported last week that Eileen Kettle, 69, of Murley Moss Lane, saw an orange and bright yellow object travelling at high speed over the town.

“It was definitely not a lantern as it was not floating about,” she said.

“It was going on a definite trajectory and it was absolutely weird.”

Geoff Brown, 59, of Heron Close, Kendal, said as he looked out of the living room window he could see the yellow and orange object “batting on” across the sky.

He went to the front door and watched it “veering off” towards Castle Green.

“It was the most peculiar thing you ever did see really,” said Barry Levens, 65, of Heron Hill. “It had a course.

“It was not blowing in the wind. It went in an arc from right to left and then vanished in the distance.”

David Taylor, 65, of Willow Drive, Kendal, was on his way to Asda with his daughter Debbie when they spotted an orange light in the sky by Murley Moss. It baffled us, it was really odd,” he said.

Robert Jackson, of Dunmail Drive, said it came towards Kendal from the south and then went over the Helm area. “I just can’t explain it,” he said. “It was quite low and had this reddy orange light.

It was too fast to be a lantern.”

To add mystery to the story Sandra Clayton said she also saw the object but not shortly after 10pm on September 1 as reported by Mrs Kettle. She saw it from Droomer Drive, Windermere, on Sunday, August 30, and described it as being “very, very unusual.”

“I have never seen anything like it before,” she said. “It was not flashing, it was just orange. It was almost round.”

And Andrew Holmes, 18, was at lakes leisure kendal on the Saturday when he cap-tured a photo of an orange object on his mobile phone.

“It went over our heads and just kept on going,” he said.

Stuart Atkinson, secretary of the Eddington Astrono-mical Society, Kendal, said it was likely to be a fireball or a shooting star that can appear bright and large in the sky.

Carol Bell, RAF regional community liaison officer, said there had been no low flying aircraft reports and that the Ministry of Defence had had no reports of UFOs in the Kendal area.

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