BRITISH horses and ponies could once again be exported live from the UK to face a long and uncertain journey to their death in Europe.

A British law that has prevented ponies from being exported alive for slaughter for 67 years looks like it could be lost because it is not included in new EU regulations on the transport of animals.

I am backing the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) in a campaign to pressurise the Government of this country and the EU to stop the resumption of live traffic.

There is an on-line petition at until the end of this month when it will be presented to the European Parliament. I urge local people to sign it.

I would also appeal to people to write to our MPs so they, too, can pressurise the Government to protect horses and ponies. We must all act now, before it is too late to stop horses and ponies suffering long, tortuous journeys to their death in foreign abattoirs.

Teresa Fitzsimons, Middleton.