EYEWITNESSES, experts and a well-known psychic are scouring the depths of Windermere today (Saturday) in search of a mysterious monster.

The search follows years of reported sightings of a big creature in the lake, the most recent being in July when Lake District hotelier Thomas Noblett was hit by a three-foot wave while swimming.

This morning, local photographer Linden Adams, who photographed and christened “Bownessie” in 2007, and celebrity and sports psychic Dean Maynard led a team of investigators out onto England’s longest lake.

Using state of the art equipment and a specially chartered yacht, the team will hunt out evidence of the monster’s existence.

Mr Adams, whose photograph has been verified by forensic experts, said he was looking forward to getting onto the Lake, adding: “I am confident we will have a good day. I can’t say whether or not we will find anything but who knows. Since the original sightings more and more people have been coming forward claiming to have seen something.”

In 2006, The Westmorland Gazette reported how Huddersfield University journalism lecturer Steve Burnip, of Hebden Bridge, saw a serpent-like creature emerge from the waters as he stood at Watbarrow Point across from Waterhead.

He described it as being 15 to 20 feet long with a little head and two small humps following in its wake. He said it looked like a giant eel.

Since then, the mystery has captured the attention of the nation and, this morning, film crews from ITV and Sky TV were there to film the search.

To find out what they discover keep checking www.thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk or see next Thursday’s edition of The Westmorland Gazette.