Solar star Stuart Lovatt is aiming to use the World Wide Web to help save the environment and his new website is attracting interest from all corners of the globe.

His Heat my Home site is urging people to make a Pledge for My Planet' by promising to do something small and personal to cut down on energy usage.

And people are logging on around the world to sign up for action.

Stuart, pictured, says: "In the last five years, climate change has gone from fiction to fact. Humanity can no longer hide the fact that its global population and technologies are having a massive effect on the planet we populate.

"I like to think of it like this, if you rented your home out, you would expect the tenants to leave it in exactly the same condition as they found it or you would say they are bad tenants. The world is home for all of us."

Originally started as an information site to promote awareness of solar energy products, Mr Lovatt built Heat My Home' during spare time while working with the Prince's Trust .

But he began to receive inquiries from people wanting to buy energy saving products.

Now, having created a demand, he has taken his scheme to the next phase and established a business.

Heat My Home has been running for two months, selling a range of goodies from solar panel water heaters to wind turbines providing energy and heat for the home.

He says that while all the products are designed to help the environment, they can also help families and businesses save on energy.

But it is the Pledge for my Planet' campaign which has really taken off in the last few weeks.

The site can be found at