A TRUST whose main objective is to restore and reopen navigation of the Lancaster Canal towards Kendal has welcomed proposals to develop a 100-boat marina at Over Kellett.

After hearing about the proposal, the Lancaster Canal Trust said it welcomed the development in principle but would need to see the full plan before making detailed comment.

However, chairman David Slater did say that the proposed marina could generate more traffic on the northern stretches of the canal while reducing congestion elsewhere.

"From our point of view it would be a good thing as moorings are in short supply in that part of the canal," he said.

"We welcome any move that provides additional moorings and certainly there's quite a few towards the southern end of the canal and nothing up this end.

"The top of the canal as it stands at the moment, because it's quite close to the terminus of the canal, is not particularly well used you get to Tewitfield and you can't go any further.

"If it moved boats from the more populated parts it will help reduce congestion elsewhere."

As reported in the Gazette last week the development near Kellett Lane would provide moorings for 100 craft and could create a number of jobs. The plan is in the early stages and is unlikely to be put to Lancaster City Council before Christmas.