CAMPAIGNERS are celebrating today after energy giant E.ON pulled the plug on a controversial windfarm plan near Kirkby Lonsdale.

The company told Morecambe and Lunesdale MP David Morris that it was not pressing ahead with the project after conducting an assessment of the Longfield Tarn site.

Initially, E.ON had planned to build nine turbines on the site, which overlooks the popular market town. The proposal sparked a fierce campaign by local residents and tourism businesses.

The project was scaled back in December 2010 following a re-design when E.ON announced they would build eight turbines on the site.

In May 2011 David Morris MP hosted a meeting at his office in Bare between E.ON senior management and local residents.

The MP was assured that there would be an assessment to determine the site’s suitability for use as a wind farm site.

That assessment has now been completed and in a letter to David Morris MP, E.ON UK regional director David Rogers said: “we will not be undertaking any further work on the site and we will not be progressing the proposed hydrology study at High Biggins.”

Mr Morris said: “I have always been of the opinion that this site is unsuitable to be developed as a wind farm site.

"I am grateful that E.ON met with and listened to local residents.

"I think their decision not to build a wind farm at Longfield Tarn is a sensible one and will be welcomed throughout the community.”

Michael Marczynski, of the Landscape First committee, a group set up to oppose the Longfield Tarn wind farm, said it was ‘very, very good news’.

“It was not a good location to have a wind farm,” said Mr Marczynski.

“There was massive support for our committee.

“Around nine out of ten people we spoke to when we went door to door in the area were against the plans.”

He added the group was approaching the news with caution as people feared Eon could sell its right to the land to another company who may wish to develop turbines there.

Another member of Landscape First, Richard Challenar, said his ‘tail had a waggle in it’ after the news.

“I don't think some people realised just how intrusive these turbines were going to be,” said Mr Challenar.

“Those turbines would have blighted the land-scape. It’s good news for all of us here.”

Chairman of Kirkby Lonsdale Town Council Allan Muirhead said: “I'm glad Eon has seen reason and withdrawn its plans.

From the start people within the profession pointed out it wasn’t economically viable.”

He added: “I hope campaigners will take the posters down as quickly as they put them up and restore the countryside to how it should be.”