MILLOM and Broughton Show has been called off after overnight rain left West Park a muddy quagmire.

A miniature lake had formed next to the entrance to the field, with extremely muddy conditions making it unsafe to hold the event after around four inches of rain pounded West Park last night.

Kath Phizecklea, of Askham-in-Furness, was hoping to attend the event.

"It's sad because all the marquees have been set up," she said.

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, questionned why events such as arts and crafts could not take place at an indoor location such as Victory Hall in Broughton-in-Furness.

"Instead of cancelling the whole thing, they could have used somewhere indoor for some of the events," the parent said.

"It's a huge disappointment because people have made a big effort."

But Rachael Park, trade stands secretary, said there was no chance that some of the events could have taken place indoors.

"We had to cancel at the last minute so there was no way we could get in somewhere at the last minute - it's just not practical.

"We're obviously very disappointed because a lot of work and effort has been put in to organise it.

"I just hope that everybody will support us again next year."

The Young Farmer's dances at Victory Hall and West Park will take place from 7.30pm as scheduled tonight.