ARTIST Christine Rooney was invited to a private viewing of the BT Road to 2012 exhibition as part of her role as BT Storyteller for next summer’s Olympics.

Christine, of Storth, is one of a group of artists who have been asked to capture the spirit of the Olympics and Paralympics through a variety of art pieces and it was hoped the exhibition, by acclaimed photographers Emma Hardy and Finley MacKay, would inspire some of her work.

She said: “We were treated to a private viewing and tour of this exhibition and although it was a long way to go to see the exhibition it was so interesting to hear from the photographers themselves and the curator of the gallery.

“The stories behind some of these athletes and high profile people were really fascinating, and it was also interesting to hear about the things going on behind the scenes to make London 2012 happen.”

The exhibition features portraits of people responsible for staging the Games, including Sebastian Coe, Stella McCartney and Danny Boyle, while images of athletes training for the Olympics were also on display.

Christine added: “It was also great for me to go there as I met some of the other BT Storytellers, poets, writers and photographers all with interesting stories to tell.

“It is a fantastic project - trying to give the world the story of the London 2012 Olympics in so many different ways.”

Some of Christine’s work has now been sent to BT and it can be viewed at

And if enough people ‘like’ her work, it could be shown on giant screens across London during the Olympics and Paralympics.