With the Summer Games a tantalising 85 days away, our Olympic hopefuls have been telling the Westmorland Gazette about their schedules as the opening ceremony approaches. First up is water polo star Alex Rutlidge, from Burton-in-Kendal.

Our training now is all focused on the Olympic Games now and in and out the pool, it's all we can think about!

We have just finished a hard training block - a normal training week for our squad consists of two two-hour pool sessions a day, and a one to two hour land session per day, Monday to Friday. We all live in Manchester so we can train together as a team.

Next week we are heading down to London for training and matches at the Water Polo pool at the Olympic Park. The matches are against Australia, USA and Hungary who will be three big contenders at the Games in July. It will be great practice to play against them and we can't wait for a taste of home games with home support!

The week after London we are heading to Greece to play in the first round of World League - the more match practice we are getting the better.

I have just come back to full training after having a cracked rib so I'm enjoying being back in the action and being able to play again.

We're all very excited for the summer, and we're just doing everything we can now in preparation for our games.