An outpouring of patriotic fervour is to be unleashed across South Lakeland as residents gear up for a host of Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Community groups say the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne has inspired a ‘collective nostalgia’ in town and villages.

The Westmorland Gazette has been told of 54 events so far and 18 street parties and outdoor celebrations have been registered with South Lakeland District Council.

It is in contrast to the apathy in the area for last year’s Royal Wedding.

Lord Lieutenant of Cumbria James Cropper said June 2 would give people in Cumbria an opportunity to celebrate the reign of the Queen, her long history, and her connection with the county.

“She’s remarkable and has been to Cumbria four times during my role as lieutenant. I’m hoping everyone will get involved in marking this event.”

Sylvia Emmott, chairman of SLDC, said: “We have a fabulous community spirit here in South Lakeland. People, the community leaders, that help run so many events in this area are behind that spirit.”

Bunting is already on show at Webster’s Yard, in Kendal, where 40 pensioners have been plotting their party for 12 months.

Mary Beavis, 83, said: “This is more important than the Royal Wedding because this is about Her Majesty and we’re all very interested in what she does. We all have memorabilia.”

In Windermere, final touches are being made to plans for a big outdoor party at the Marchesi Centre.Sonia Fallowfield said they were going ‘all out’ to enjoy their celebration.

“We’re really going for it,” she said. “We’re going to have catering, with entertainment, food and alcoholic drinks. We want the event to bring back that old sense of community.”

Meanwhile, more than 150 Union Jacks will fly above St Mark’s School, in Natland, as young pupils launch patriotic kites to the wind.

Head teacher Peter Barfoot said the children would dress in red white and blue.

In Ulverston, the Queen’s anniversary will see Victoria Park Gardens revamped and renamed Jubilee Gardens.

Ian Bradley, owner of Coniston Brewery, said they were running at full capacity on the run-up to the big Royal week.

Burgundy’s Wine Bar, in Kendal, will produce a special Jubilee brew and in Kendal the Queen will be portrayed in flowers. The Federation of WI members have spent more than a year on the project, which will include replica crown jewels.

An 8ft by 4ft plywood golden coach, similar to the one used to take the Queen from Westminster Abbey in 1953, will be placed at the entrance to Kendal Parish Church during the festival from June 28 and 30.