TUESDAY was a quieter day in terms of training volume but not in terms of intensity. The day started with a swift bowl of Weetabix before limbering up on the mat to prepare for our technical session with a focus on speed and repetition to hone our skills for the London British Open tournament where I and fellow GB squad and Club member David Groom will fight on Sunday.

The second session of the day was weights for me. The weight session took me two hours as standard, my power cleans were satisfactory however bench press was a bit below par as I failed…which is an unfortunate thing to do when you have a rib injury.

Fortunately David was spotting me so we managed to get the bar off my chest. After weights it was time for a stretch off and protein shake. It’s important to recover properly.

The London British Open is looming, my weight category has been advertised as the ‘intriguing -90kg weight group’. There are four of us on the Olympic Squad in the -90kg category fighting for one place at the 2012 London Olympic Games!

But I can’t think that far ahead, I just have to concentrate on the man stood in front of me when I walk onto the mat on Sunday. Focus.