Having played water polo in a test event in London and with the Olympic Torch arriving in Britain, Chloe Wilcox, from Reagill, Shap, told Scott Kirk how her excitement levels for the Summer Games are continuing to rise.

A few weeks ago we trialled a test event in London and it was absolutely amazing.

There were 4,000 people there which is just toally unheard of in water polo and it was really cool to play in the venue we will be at soon!

It’s been a really busy time over the last few weeks. Straight after that we were on a plane to Greece for the World League which was really intense - we played six games in four days.

Over that period we played against teams like the USA, who came second in Beijing, Holland, who won in the 2008 Games but failed to qualify this year, and reigning world champions Greece so to play teams of that calibre is unbelievable.

I’ve also been to a place called Mataro just north of Barcelona, where I’m hoping to play water polo next year. Our coach has been encouraging us to look at clubs abroad so I went with one of the girls and the facilities were superb.

It was a few days rest for us after all of that, but now our coach has got us training hard for another championship in Barcelona in three weeks.

We’ve also found out that we won’t be going to the opening ceremony, which is a bit disappointing, but our coach says you have to stand for about four hours and the tournament lasts the full two weeks, so going to the ceremony wouldn’t be good preparation at all.