With the squads for the Great Britain water polo teams announced later this month, Glen Robinson from Kendal has been telling Scott Kirk what he has been doing to make the Olympics.

I GOT back from Germany a couple of weeks ago where I’ve been playing for Wurzburg this season and the training has been very tough ever since.

It’s really intense every day at the moment and we’re doing about four hours a day.

Thursday’s are a little bit of a recovery day when we get in at about 2pm but Fridays have been compensating for that - I’m up at 5am and in for about 6am.

I’m at a training camp in Romania next week and we’ve got another camp in Montpellier before the squad is announced.

I’m just focusing on training hard at the moment and doing everything I can to get in the squad, if I start worrying about being in the squad all the time I won’t train properly.