Decadance Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal They came; they conquered and left the Brewery audience wanting more.

What can you really say about Decadance theatre’s performance at the Kendal arts centre that does it justice?

It was truly extraordinary - and I don’t use the words lightly.

I have been fortunate enough to have seen many outstanding pieces of modern dance from contemporary works by the Royal Ballet graced by Deborah Bull to productions by Rambert.

However, I have never experienced anything like what Deca’s artistic director Jennifer Weber and crew of Megan Alfonso, Ann-Sylvia Clark, Taeko Koji, Georgina Philp and Adaku Utah produced.

The all-female hip hop group’s ‘4’ Brewery commission was pioneering and brave. Jen’s choreography to two sections of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons flowed perfectly with the music. Expressive in everyway, they conveyed the joy and emotion of the classical piece, totally immersed in its luscious musical landscape, enhancing each note with finely tuned movements, balletic at times, edgy and urban when need be, their body language rising to crescendos, gracefully submitting to the gentler passages, technically superb - and always, always, elegant.

I really hope violinist Nigel Kennedy gets to see it!

City Breathing: 2012 Remix closed the first half in terrific style with great visuals from the film backdrop and music mixed by DJ Boo.

The second half of the show was Deca’s award-winning When the Sky Breaks, where the audience dons 3D glasses to bask in the full glory of the hi-tec graphics projected behind the dancers.

(Although it enhanced the piece, the dancers were blurred, for me anyway).

Again, this was momentous, imaginative dance, and by the time the guys had woven an engrossing and electrified tapestry of not just dazzling dance routines but captivating physical theatre, I was rendered speechless.

Based on the duality of water, it was thunderous, pulsating at times, deftly contrasted with moments of great beauty and tranquillity.

Sheer genius, that’s all I can say.

Adrian Mullen