A Windermere man who escaped death when he fell 40 metres off a mountain has completed his first triathlon.

Joe Beaumont, a climbing fanatic before he broke all the bones on the right hand side of his body, swam 500 metres in the Mytriclub's Kendal Sprint Triatlon as part of his training for a 200-mile Coast-to-Coast cycle challenge.

The 24-year-old, who is still recovering and currently has a broken leg, can only train once each week because physical exercise causes him severe pain.

He said: “The swim was hard and also very nerve-wracking because there were lots of people there.”

During the swim at Lakes Leisure Kendal, Joe knocked into another swimmer, which caused severe pain in his arm, but he kept swimming despite being the last person left in the pool.

“It was extremely painful and I struggled to get out as my legs were in so much pain, but as far as keeping my fitness up the swimming has been crucial. It is good because it is low impact as I have not done much training because my body really cannot take much and so training is exceptionally difficult,” he said.

Joe will start his 200-mile coast-to-coast recumberent cycle on October 5 and will cycle for eight days.

He is determined to finish the challenge to say thank you to the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT), which scrambled to his aid and saved his life after his accident nearly two years ago.

He said: “I know that it's a miracle that I survived let alone get away with the injuries that I did. And whilst my recovery is long and painful, I am thankful that I am here and still able in many to make the most of life, to inspire and motivate others too.”

He is asking people to join him when he rides into Wasdale on the final stretch of his challenge on Saturday, October 13.

To find out more and sponsor Joe visit http://www.justgiving.com/joe-beaumont