A FORMER Sedbergh School pupil is taking on one of the most prestigious roles in London.

Roger Gifford, who was at the boarding school between 1968 and 1972, said he was ‘excited’ to be named the Lord Mayor of London for 2013.

To secure the coveted position, Mr Gifford had to win an election at the Guildhall, which was decided by city companies known as the Common Hall.

And to celebrate his link with Sedbergh, the school band will be travelling down for the event and will have a key part in the annual Lord Mayor’s Parade.

“It's fantastic the boys will be at the show,” said Mr Gifford, origi-nally from Scotland.

“I think Sedbergh School is probably the most beautiful school in the country.”

As mayor, he will be placed at the forefront of the country's finan-cial system, represen-ting the City of London on an international level.

“It is something that I have worked towards for a long time,” said Mr Gifford. “It is a great privilege to be allowed to do this job – a very special position and it is unique.”

The new ambassador for the financial and professional services will move into a Georgian palace for 12 months as part of his role and will take the title of Chancellor of the City University of London.

To land the position, which is currently held by David Wootton, Mr Gifford had to work as an alderman and sheriff for a number of years in London.

The ceremony inaug-urating Mr Gifford, who works for a Swe-dish financial service, will take place on November 10.

Other famous people to have attended the Dales school include Simon Beaufoy screenwriter for Slumdog Millionaire and won an Oscar for Full Monty, Lord Bingham of Cornhill, former Lord Chancellor and Sir Christopher Bland, Chairman of BT and BBC.