MPs are preparing to vote on whether to back the Prime Minister's deal for leaving the European Union.

The "meaningful vote" will take place this evening from 7pm. If the deal is rejected the Prime Minister, Theresa May, has three days to return to Parliament with a "Plan B".

This is how our four local MPs will be voting tonight.

Liberal Democrat Tim Farron, MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, said: “Whether you voted Leave or Remain, we are all united in wanting the best future for Britain.

“But this deal will make us poorer, less safe and with less of a say over our laws.

“I love my country and will vote against any deal that will harm it.”

John Woodcock, the independent MP for Barrow and Furness, has decided to vote against the Prime Minister’s deal. He said: “The proposed Brexit deal would make our area poorer, our country less safe and diminish our influence in the world.

“The only real result of these years of chaotic back and forth is to expose as a terrible lie the Brexiteers’ referendum claim that we could keep all the economic and security benefits we had in the EU without any of the obligations."

He added: “My main concern is how badly it stands to hurt our economy by making it more expensive for consumers to buy things from abroad and load costs on to local businesses.

“This would hit our standard of living and cost jobs, all the while still tying us to many of the rules and regulations of the EU without getting a say over them anymore.

“I have a responsibility to act in what I believe is the best interests of the people I am privileged to represent and that means voting no.”

Rory Stewart, Conservative MP for Penrith and The Border, has confirmed that he will be voting in favour of the Government’s Brexit Deal.

Mr Stewart has been a supporter of the Prime Minister’s Deal since the Withdrawal Agreement was published in November and has been prominent in arguing for it.

In December he held a public meeting on the deal at Newton Rigg, which was attended by more than 300 people, and was streamed live over both Twitter and Facebook.

Confirming his intention, Mr Stewart said: “I will be voting for the Prime Minister’s Deal this evening, because I believe this to be the best deal for our country. It ends the jurisdiction of European courts and gives Britain control over immigration - which was a key issue in the referendum - while also reassuring Remainers by providing economic certainty and a positive model for a future relationship with the European Union. I am proud to be supporting it"

"The alternatives to this deal would be disastrous," he added. "A No Deal Brexit would damage the economy and, particularly, our farms as it could result in tariffs of more than 40 per cent put on beef and sheep meat. I believe the Prime Minister's Deal to be in the best interests of our country. I will be supporting it this evening".

David Morris, Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, also confirmed that he would be backing the Prime Minister this evening. "I've been on her side from day one, nothing new there," he said. "There is a feeling she won't get it through but there is also a bit of optimism around Parliament.

"We're in unchartered waters here and now we just want to all move on.

"We've had enough and we've seen how we've been treated by the European Union - it's left us all with a bitter taste."