HOCKEY star Fiona Crackles said she cried tears of joy as Great Britain won their Olympic bronze medal match against India.

Fiona, who is from Kirkby Lonsdale, became Cumbria’s third Olympic medallist in Tokyo as Mark Hager’s side beat India 4-3 on Friday, August 6.

It was an emotional moment for Fiona as she cemented her place in Olympics history.

She said: “I pretty much just burst into tears; I am quite emotional as it is. I just cried for a long time.

“It was such an emotionally and physically draining game, but it was great to share the win with the girls and celebrate in the evening.”

The 21-year-old is now back in the UK as the squad flew into Heathrow on Sunday after a ‘surreal’ time at the Olympics.

“It was absolutely incredibly, just all a bit surreal being surrounded by so many different athletes around the world,” Fiona said.

“It was so special being a part of it – to be a cog in the machine.

“I was just trying to consistently learn and work as hard as I could.

“We were aiming for the best we could do, aiming for the medals and it has been so special.

“We have all been through a journey together and it was just so special to share it with the girls.”

After returning home, Fiona had the chance to show the bronze medal to her family and friends.

Fiona said they were all proud of her achievement and surprised by how heavy the medal is.

Fiona has also now had the chance to drink a cocktail that was named after her.

To mark her bronze medal at the Olympics, The Highwayman pub in Kirkby Lonsdale unveiled two new cocktails for customers, the ‘Hockey Hiball’ and ‘The Proud Mary’ - named after Fiona’s mum.

The pub were supporting Fiona throughout the games, and on Wednesday evening, she went down to try out the special beverages.

Fiona said: “They have been watching the games and been absolutely amazing support.

“It was great to go down there and taste the cocktails!”

It has been a special and fast rise for the former Queen Elizabeth School student. She had only made her debut for Great Britain last October, just nine months before her Olympic bow. And after a hectic 2020/21 schedule, Fiona now hopes to spend the rest of her summer resting up, before the new hockey season starts again, where she will now have time to reflect on a stunning campaign, capped off with an Olympic bronze medal.