ATHLETES from Kendal Athletics Club headed across to Whitehaven on August 28 for the first County Athletics Championships since 2019.

They were represented in every age group from seniors, right down to Under 11s.

They were to head home with a good clutch of medals after some fantastic performances.

Senior athlete Lisa Barlow won gold and silver in the 100m and 200m whilst senior man Jacob Aubrey won silver in the 100m and gold in the 200m and 400m.

Harry Bowen won gold in the Under 17 high jump and silver in the javelin.

Kira Jones won gold in the Under 15 girls high jump, she also won gold in the 75m hurdles, breaking the county record and a further gold in the 200m.

Alice Chapman won silver in the Under 15 girls 75m hurdles.

The youngest member of the team, Freya Addison, brought home bronze in the Under 11 girls 60m, with Anna Cobley winning gold in the Under 13 girls 800m.

Sophie Cowin also won a gold in the Under 15 girls 800m.

In the Under 13 boys 800m, Harvey Shaw finished strongly to secure a silver medal, and In the Under 15 boys 800m, two medals were won, a silver for Alfie Addison, and a bronze for Alex Speight.