SO, your New Year resolution was to change your life by changing your career. Know that you’re not alone. We see change on a regular basis. We have helped driving instructors become teachers, retiring soldiers become nurses, and shop assistants become police officers.

Making life-changing decisions can be daunting, but the University of Cumbria is well setup to support you every step of the way. The university receives applications from students in their 20s, 30s and 40s, searching to do something new and meaningful with their life and career. And, it’s much easier than you’d think.

Visit and search for ‘mature students’ where you will find a wealth of advice about hours of study, entry requirements, finance, childcare, accommodation and support in returning to study.

Why University of Cumbria?

Here you are taught by experts every step of the way, with many still practising and researching in their chosen fields, giving you industry insight and experience.

It’s a place where small class sizes, support services, achievable entry qualifications across a range of subjects, personal tutors, and dedicated help from every member of staff are a key part of the offer. All of this results in nine out of ten University of Cumbria graduates in work, or further education, six months after graduating (DLHE 2017).

Each of the university’s five campuses give students access to careers and employability events, workshops, drop-ins and advice on career management, skills development and advice on how to find work experience and graduate opportunities.

Whoever you want to be, whatever you want to achieve we've got you.

Eight careers to consider in Cumbria

Are you searching for a hands-on option; do you want to turn a passion into a job; or do you just want to do something you know will be fulfilling, both for you and for your community? Here are some of our top course ideas for 2020 which have great student satisfaction, high graduate outcomes, and great career prospects.

​1. Nursing

You’re caring and looking for a career that helps others. The University of Cumbria has courses available in adult, children’s, mental health, and learning disability nursing. You will work with the local NHS trusts and partnerships to provide superior placements, giving you hands-on experience right from day one, resulting in fantastic job prospects.

2. Teaching

The Westmorland Gazette:

Your calling may be to inspire and educate the next generation. Whether that’s primary, secondary or special needs teaching, the University of Cumbria has courses to cover it all.  There are also a number of bursaries, scholarships, loans, and other financial aids, available to help you fund your teaching course and living costs while you study.

3. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps people affected by injury, illness, or disability, to restore movement and function through exercise, therapy, and advice. The University of Cumbria’s study programme combines academic study and plenty of supervised clinical practice, meaning that you’ll be ready to kick-start your career as soon as you graduate.

4. Creative Careers

There has never been a better time to be a creative than now, in the digital age. Our courses are ideal if you’re looking to launch your own business, such as photography, illustration, and graphic design. With the internet always hungry for new images, written content, and the next big design, it has opened a whole array of career options for creative people. If you have a creative talent, now is the time to turn into a career.

5. Business Studies

HR, marketing, business development and beyond. There are a range of roles that a business degree can take you on to. The University of Cumbria’s employer-focused courses provide the academic and practical know-how you need to thrive. They ensure you’re challenged and supported at the same time, by combining a variety of work experience and internships that extend your knowledge and skills.

6. Sports

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You can choose from a range of areas including Sport Rehabilitation, or Sport Coaching & Physical Education. With placement opportunities, access to great facilities, and the chance to get involved in world class research, you’ll be set up nicely to get straight into work upon graduating.

7. Forestry and Conservation

A career for anyone with a passion for the great outdoors, or the desire to make a change to our environment. As part of your studies, you'll take full advantage of your local surroundings and will enjoy plenty of hands-on study exploring Cumbria's natural habitats, including the amazing Lake District where there are an abundance of job opportunities upon graduating.

8. Social Work

If you want to make a difference to your community, being a social worker could be just your calling. Qualified social workers are much in demand and work with vulnerable people, children and families. 

Now is the time to make a change and here’s how:

1. Go to to explore the subject and course options available to you.  Or, give us a call on 03301279882 to chat to an advisor about your options and the application process.

2. You can apply online at and we’ll take it from there.

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