A couple took on the Limitless ladder in tonight’s episode of Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win and took home a healthy sum of money.

Ellie and Paul banked £75,000 on their first episode of Limitless Win, which aired on Saturday, February 3.

They answered questions relating to how big a Daily Mirror newspaper was to the nearest centimetre and how many squares there were on a Scrabble board.

Ellie and Paul got exact answers for those questions and admitted they had done some revising beforehand.

Carrying on into tonight's episode (Saturday, February 10), the couple answered questions relating to how many animals escape from the zoo in the film Madagascar and how many countries begin with the letter 'S'.

There was some drama with that question, as their guess of 24 was just two off the actual total of 26 which just denied them going from the £1 million barrier.

Immediately following that they did pass the £1 million mark with a question regarding the maximum number of characters for the name of a racehorse.

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Needing an exact answer to increase their banked total they decided not to risk it, and cashed out following the racehorse question.

The couple will use the £75,000 on a trip to Scotland, with the Isle of Skye being mentioned as one destination.

NHS workers win £1 million prize on Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win

During this series, a couple won £1 million which is the most money ever taken home by Limitless Win contestants.

Charlie, an NHS finance manager who likes general knowledge and Helen, an NHS communications manager, said they would spend their money on paying their mortgage off.

The couple also mentioned going on some holidays and a new car.

Ant and Dec's Limitless Win is available to watch on ITVX.