The ITV comedy series Changing Ends will be airing on TV soon, which follows the life of a young Alan Carr.

The semi-autobiographical series follows him growing up in Northampton during the 1980s, when his dad was the manager of Northampton Town.

Carr, 48, created and wrote the show which first became available on ITVX last year, but is now being shown on live TV.

A summary of the series on Radio Times says: "Alan Carr's semi-autobiographical comedy set in 1980s Northampton, where the football manager's son-turned-comic grew up against the harsh backdrop of Thatcher's Britain.

"Having a father who's the football manager of a Fourth Division club is never going to be easy, but when you're being dropped by your friends for being camp Alan decides to take things into his own hands.

"Should he go against his own instincts and become a footballer himself?" 

Changing Ends full cast list

  • Alan Carr as present day Alan Carr
  • Oliver Savell as young Alan
  • Shaun Dooley as Graham Carr
  • Nancy Sullivan as Christine Carr
  • Taylor Fay as Gary Carr
  • Rourke Mooney as Charlie
  • Gabby Best as Angela
  • Harry Peacock as Nigel

  • David Mumeni as Mr Chapman
  • Michael Socha as Adam
  • Samantha Baines as Fiona
  • Matthew Stagg as Mandy
  • Logan Matthews as Leslie

Recommended reading:

  • Colin Salmon as Ron
  • Cariad Lloyd as Miss Gideon
  • Dotty Davies as Kay
  • Michael Socha as Adam

When will Changing Ends be on TV?

The first episode of Changing Ends will air at 8.30pm on Tuesday, April 16 on ITV1, with the episode being half an hour long.

After that, the remaining five episodes will air in the same timeslot over the following weeks.