I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Colin Renshaw, chairman of South Lakeland Hydrotherapy Trust, in that the Kendal pool needs adequate secure funding (Podium, December 14, 'Time to end cap in hand approach to pool funding').

As a service user myself living with chronic pain the benefits of the hydrotherapy pool are far reaching.

It assists with relaxation and decreases pain. It increases muscle strength and mobility for the service user, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible. It is well researched that physical exercise also boosts mental health and through attending the pool reduces social isolation and for many the social aspect is extremely beneficial.

This rehabilitative hydrotherapy programme provides a cost-effective therapy and will help patients to improve their health and mobility, resulting in fewer GP appointments and the need for further prescriptions and reduce the burden on physiotherapy departments.

I believe that we need to move away from the insecurity of an annual ‘cap in hand’ approach for grants.

I am a service user of seven years who feels very appreciative to have Sandgate Hydrotherapy Pool locally. When I attended the Pain Management Programme at The Walton Centre, Liverpool (who advocate hydrotherapy for chronic pain), I was the only member of the group who had access to a hydrotherapy pool in my area.

For that I am very grateful and feel very privileged to have such a hard-working team as Sandgate Hydrotherapy Trust.

S. Jackson