Up here in Cumbria, in what many in the rest of England might call 'the sticks', we can sometimes take the outdoors for granted.

The mountains, the lakes and the sea are so entwined with our day to day life it can be jarring to meet people, ostensibly from the nation, who have never climbed a fell, or swam in the sea, or ridden a bike along a lakeshore.

For many Cumbrians 'social distancing' is something we do quite often - escaping to the remote wilderness where you can get away from all the hubbub of daily life.

It's understandable then, that some people in this county think that a trip to the lakes and self-isolation are not mutually exclusive.

The problem is, they are. All over social media this weekend there has been reports of packed felltops, rammed car parks and full buses throughout the Lake District, as people seek to escape the coronavirus in the UK's most beautiful county.

But as the tragic death of five people in Cumbria has shown: the virus is already here.

The virus is passed from person to person, not through the air or water - and the throngs of tourists in the Lakes' hotspots over the weekend could make for a fertile breeding ground.

Add to that the potential to expose mountain rescue teams to the virus, and it becomes clear - stay indoors.