SOME tourist boards around the country have gone to extremes to get across the complete about-turn in thinking created by the coronavirus pandemic.

'Visit our town' has been replaced by 'DON'T visit our town' on brochures and publicity material nationwide as usual efforts to entice tourists have been replaced by stark warnings to stay away.

It's a bizarre situation for the tourism industry and one which is financially crippling so many businesses.

But the sad fact is that it is completely necessary.

Thousands have died from coronavirus in the UK already.

The message is simple - the spread of this terrible disease will slow if people just stay at home.

The government has said that we should go out only for essential shopping, daily exercise, to help a vulnerable person or to go to work.

The police will rightfully clamp down on anyone flouting these rules which have been put in place to protect us all.

Easter will be a test of our resolve as it's an annual holiday and traditionally a time to celebrate with loved ones or go on mini-breaks.

But in general this Easter, it's best if we forget about some of its traditions.

There is no need to worry about buying chocolate eggs and delivering them to relatives. It's far safer to catch up with the people you care about by telephone or by video call. Easter church services can either be enjoyed on the television or on social media from the haven of your own homes.

And please don't even think about packing up the car and going for a day out.

This time of year is usually a tourism boom period for the Lake District, its idyllic landscapes attracting people from all over the world in droves.

But this Easter weekend, that's exactly what we don't want to see.

We don't want a repeat of a few weeks ago when huge crowds descended on the Lakes while still not taking social distancing seriously.

Please don't take up the advertised offers to self-isolate in Lakes accommodation because this is not necessary travel.

And please save that day trip or weekend away for another time.

In short, this Easter weekend, DON'T visit Cumbria.