NOW wash your hands!

We are all doing our bit to help prevent COVID-19.

It’s Easter and in the greatest story ever told, there’s drama.

Pontius Pilate shows the mob his hands and washes them, sending Jesus away like a tethered lamb to execution, charged but not guilty.

The immense suffering of Jesus and the suffering we are now enduring is in sharp contrast.

The daily numeric toll is keenly felt, especially when it includes someone we know and love.

Outside food stores we stand in dignified lines, distanced apart, silent and respectful.

The rush to buy is over.

We are all wondering will it ever end.

Humanly speaking, the light on the faces of our children is our only guarantee that the pandemic will end.

Meanwhile, ‘for the good of each other’ and those amazing front line people, let's forever wash our hands, forgetting and forgiving the selfishness that kept us apart and emptied the shelves in the first place.

Raymond Hall

Isel Rd