AMANDA Spielman, Ofsted Chief Inspector, suggests that we must get children back to school as soon as possible.

I have to take issue with her reasoning.

Her emphasis (and Matt Hancock’s et al) was on children being low risk and less vulnerable – if we are ‘science led’, I am not sure that is fully evidenced.

More importantly, is the glaring fact that schools are not just populated by children.

There is a small army of people who make schools work - the teachers, non teaching assistants, administrative staff, ancillary staff, dinner ladies, cleaners, caretakers, bus drivers and many others.

How are they going to be protected from transmission of this virus?

Is it reasonable to expect them to take the risk of exposing themselves to groups of children who may themselves be unaffected but may be carriers?

How on earth are social distancing regimes going to be maintained in these environments?

No report I have seen or read places any weight on these factors and it is in need of urgent investigation.

Otherwise, we will repeat the disaster that is currently befalling the care sector and residential homes.

Will there be PPE and all necessary precautions taken in this rush to get schools open and kick start the economy?

The Government track record to date does not fill me with confidence or hope on that issue!

Bob Gibbs

Kirkbie Green