Volunteers are always important. But in challenging times, when our communities need them most, they are invaluable.

I am so proud of the Scout volunteers in Ulverston. Together, they are helping hundreds of young people to gain skills for life - helping them speak up, play their part and find their place in the world.

To keep everyone safe, Scouts are not able to meet face to face.

But this hasn't stopped our volunteers from supporting young people.

So many of our brilliant leaders are still running meetings online, helping Scouts catch up with their friends and continue to earn their awards.

At a time when our children's education is so badly disrupted, these sessions are providing a sense of normality and continuity that's so important for their well being.

We have also been supporting families across Ulverston with free resources at scouts.org.uk/the-great-indoors #TheGreatIndoors.

So I would like to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers, whether you drive the minibus, make the drinks, look after the accounts or help deliver vital skills for life we couldn’t do it without you!

It is your kindness and resilience in these tough times really is so inspiring - and it really is making a difference.

Tim Kidd

UK Chief Commissioner

The Scouts