What is 'bizarre' is not so much that some woman felt the need to lower her trousers in a loo-less town, but the reaction it has elicited.

Who thought it appropriate to photograph this?

Why has this newspaper wanted to print it?

And why the fuzz? (EDITOR'S NOTE - the photograph of the woman's bottom was blurred in case it caused offence)

Is she known for her bum, so we're respecting her right to anonymity?

Or is a focussed bum an offensive article, while a fuzzy bum is acceptable?

And why the coy language? She patently wasn't going 'to the toilet'.There are no toilets.

That is precisely the point and the problem.

And I am disturbed by the comments of Council Clerk Julie Hartley who apparently thinks not only that loos are used exclusively by tourists but also that the Lake District offers nothing to visitors (and presumably locals, too) than pubs, shops and the likes of Beatrix Potter.

Both biological and geographical failings, then. She should consider her position.

This is just the last example - so far - of the whingeing, threatening, bullying behaviour adopted by too many locals, exploiting the pandemic, in furtherance of their own short term and unthought-through preferences. Basically, no tourism then no Lake District as we know it. National Parks are precisely that - national, and parks; and not some private fiefdom for the retired middle classes.

Chris Belshaw