There has been a whole lot of whining about directives issued by the Government being confusing.

However it would seem that whatever the Government mandates, advises, suggests, nobody takes a blind bit of notice.

Taking just one example, as a precaution it was suggested that when shopping, or when others are in close proximity, face masks should be worn.

Simple, straight forward, common sense.

I dutifully donned my mask on entering the store, only to find, with the odd very rare exception, I am the only one wearing one.

I wear my mask to protect others.

Others, it seems, couldn't be bothered about protecting me.

The whole world is wearing face masks.

We, for reasons which escape me, refuse to.

Is it any wonder that our performance in fighting this pandemic has been substandard?

A footnote - the real villains of the piece are those self-appointed pandemic experts ie those with amazing hindsight who, for political capital gain, claim they knew all the right policies and mock the efforts of others.

T Lambert

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