So, 3000 twenty-something year olds thought it acceptable to attend a ‘rave’ gathering in Greater Manchester on Sunday?

According to one young interviewee on Radio5 the COVID-19 pandemic is officially over, especially now that we are free to enter clothes shops once more.

This age group have escaped the serious affects of the virus (which is still out there), yet without being tested how do they know that they are not carrying the bug?

They seem not to care that they may be passing on the virus to their own grandparents or other people like me.

Elderly vulnerable people are still very concerned about being infected.

My breathing is restricted by COPD and I am in the high risk age group where the effects of infection could be catastrophic, or even fatal. So where is the parental guidance for these selfish young men and women?

Apparently this demographic do not read newspapers or listen to TV news so their guidance is dictated purely by misinformed information on social media sites which they distort to justify their own actions.

All along we have needed mass testing, I for one need positive proof that new cases of COVID-19 have been totally eliminated in our society before I can trust venturing into an unknown social environment.

We need confidence that members of the public will obey lockdown rules otherwise we ‘oldies’ must remain vigilant and continue a sensible self-preservation regime.

The enforced distancing from family is very distressing but understandably necessary, obviously this does not seem applicable to a younger generation eager to meet up with friends and leave litter on someone else’s property.

Our lives should not be subjected to stress caused by un-caring individuals, but sadly they are.

We need more investment in trying to discover a vaccine and we need a robust public screening and testing programme if we are to avoid what seems to be an inevitable second wave of the virus, or at least deal with it more professionally.

We need transparency and honesty, so Mr Dominic Cummings – despite keeping a low profile over the last month we have not forgotten your shameful display of double standards in a position of unelected power and your pitiful excuses.

By the way, has anyone noticed how quiet our roads are or how the pollution levels have decreased?

Roy Wilcock

Castle Riggs