A supposed second wave of the Corona Virus has brought mis-information and contention to an already depressed and fearful community, many of whom are readers of this newspaper. There is rarely a balance of opinion in these columns on this subject. Contention is not helpful.

We don’t even know whether this is a second wave. Anti-government dissent is par for the course in any democracy but not when a COVID 19 life-saving strategy is being sought and implementing.

The two most often used words in English Literature and the Bible is ‘fear not’. Does the anniversary of our soldiers and airmen leaving for a war zone mean nothing! United with one purpose, they marched off to save the Nation. Did anyone ask them if they had a preference of theatre in which to fight? Go to the nearest Cenotaph and reverently ask them.

We have a fight on our hands too! United we stand, divided we fall. This is not the time to squabble and score points. BBC interviews are a disgrace to the Nation, squeezing discontent and complaint out of every interviewee. This is an emergency, a pandemic, but fear not, elected people are in positional authority, guided by the Academic & Research Community. United, together, this is a war we will win for everyone. Insipid neutrality, does not excite us. We want to enter the fray, make our point, sometimes stir things up with a big wooden spoon. Ask me about Republicanism, Socialism, or God save the Queen. Try Brexit and you’ll be sorry you asked. Does it matter if I still read the Bible everyday? It matters what we think and say about Donald Trump or Extinction Rebellion! Ask me about Liverpool FC, or Climate Change and I’m on fire, I will talk your head off. Everyone agrees, these are strange times. Beating Covid19 will require compliance and less criticism from all of us, a time to be silent and to listen rather than speak, like our amazing soldiers sailers and airmen, standing in support of those who are empowered to act. Raymond Hall