ARCHERS from the north of England competed in Kendal Bowmen’s Long Bow Shoot at Kendal Cricket Club on Sunday.

After torrential rainfall on Saturday the archers were greeted with sunshine on what proved to be a competitive day of action.

In the gents longbow category Ken Wilcock, from Keswick Archery Club, finished in the first place after scoring 431, claiming 11 golds and 13 greens.

While Wilcock dominated the afternoon, it proved to be a more hard-fought battle for second place, where Paul Anstead from Samlesbury Archery Club prevailed, closing on a solid score of 354.

Ian Norwood from Riverside finished in third position with 324 points, while David Whitham, who plays for White Rose Archers ,finished fourth on 323 points.

Janice Parrott, who plays for White Rose Archers, won the Ladies Longbow competition, finishing in first place after closing on a score of 374. Parrot claimed three gold and 10 greens in an impressive performance.

Michelle Burrow was the runner-up, scoring 307 points, while Kendal Bowmen’s Ada Newell and Freya Wise finished in third and fourth place respectively.

Katrina Horton won the best gold award and also scored the most hits, while Kendal Bowmen’s Marc Delerba won an award for scoring the most greens.

Kendal Bowmen’s Ada Newell picked up an award for the highest club score while Ann Conifey from Riverside was the winner of the Wand Shoot Competition.

Kendal Bowmen’s next competition will be the Kendal Bowmen Field Tournament, which takes place Hutton Park on Saturday and Sunday, April 6 and 7.