Adrian Procter won the Kendal and District Singles Tournament after he defeated Gary Kirkby 5-1 in the final.

The tournament, which was hosted by the Albion Social and Snooker Club in Kendal, saw 28 pool players participate despite the horrendous weather conditions which made travelling to the venue difficult.

And there were some really good matches and great individual performances from Jacque Wild, John Tompkins, Jason Kirkby and Phil Wilkinson.

However, the final between Procter and Kirkby saw two Kendal A and County team mates compete against each other, where Procter dominated and defeated Kirkby who ran out of steam after playing well throughout the afternoon.

Kirkby, who organised the competition can take great pride from his efforts throughout the day, while Procter continued to show his class.

Next up for the Kendal and District Pool League is the Doubles Tournament which will take place at the Albion Social and Snooker Club on Sunday 23 February.