WATTSFIELD junior football club will continue to plan for its future following their successful season.

The Charter Standard accredited club who have 26 teams, spanning the age range of five to 18, are looking to provide more opportunities for their junior players.

This will include efforts to introduce more teams into the club.

There are future plans to also create a brand new Under 16 girls team.

There is also the possibility of creating two new teams from within the Lancaster and Morecambe League.

These efforts are all under way as the club looks to provide even more sporting opportunities for young people within the region.

Wattsfield are also in the process of forming a senior ladies squad.

However, as the club is solely based for junior players, the ladies will very likely move onto Kendal County who may be starting a new ladies side soon.

This side is very likely to be playing in the Summer League.

Wattsfield and Kendal County have a very strong relationship.

The club’s junior players tend to join Kendal’s reserve team and then play in the Westmorland League as a first step for juniors heading towards senior level playing.

Once the next season is able to resume following the lifting of government restrictions on sport, Wattsfield will be able to build on their largely positive 2019-20 season.

Both the Under 15s and Under 13s were in contention for their respective league titles.

Up until the cancellation of the season, the Under 13s had already booked their place in the cup final, while the Under 15s were only one game away from progressing into a final.

Ryan Robinson's Under 10 team were also having a fantastic season.

They were on course to win the Lancaster and Morecambe Under 10 League.

The club's other teams have also made huge progress within their respect leagues.

The two Under 14 teams have progressed in the Under 14 League.

Meanwhile the Under 17s, Under 12s and the mini teams from the Under 9s were all showing great signs of improvement.

The female section of the club was also making great progress throughout the different age groups.

Most of the teams had been playing in the South Lakes Girls League.

The club is keen to return to training at the first possible opportunity.

Their aim is to put on just as impressive a performance as they had done in the previous season.

However, while the club continues to grow at a significant pace, more volunteers and sponsors are always required.

They are needed to get involved in anticipation for the restarting of the football season, once government legislation eases restrictions on sport and the Covid pandemic is over. The club is appealing for anyone who wishes to help to get in touch. If you wish to join in the efforts of Wattsfield football, please contact wattsfieldyfc@gmail.com for information on volunteering.