THE KENDAL town football club manager has been relieved of the position in the midst of an administrative restructuring.

Manager Steve Edmondson has criticised the club for their handling of the situation and for its lack of communication with its members.

Steve said: “I will always wish the club well. We’ve all got it at heart and want it to succeed on and off the field. But the way some people have handled this situation is an embarrassment to the club.

“It’s a disgrace. They haven’t had the decency to tell myself or Keith Singleton, if we’re still wanted at the club.

“I got the phone call telling me that my services were no longer required after 18 months of work. I’m pretty disgusted how the club’s handled things. As far as giving a hand over it’s been handled really bad.

“There were no communications from them with me or Keith Singleton about this situation in the run up to this.

“When all the players walked out 18 months ago, we got a group of local lads in to keep us in the division, no pay no expenses. We kept the club in the division, and then this happens.

“To be treated this way is absolutely disgraceful.

“I think there are some people who are only in it for themselves. There’s a lot of inner politics and I don’t think it’s the way the club should go forward.

“It’s a fantastic club, and the people of Kendal deserve the right committee members who are prepared to be up front about things. No secrets and they should involve the community more. I hope they do and hope they go from strength to strength. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. It’s the most important thing.

Former assistant manager, Keith Singleton said: “It’s disappointing the way this has been conducted. It could have been handled a lot better in my opinion.

“It’s a new regime and I think they would rather have their own people in.

“During the time it’s taken to do all of this as well, it could have been spent improving the pitch or working on other areas.

“Steve’s a great guy and I wish him all the best. I just hope the club can continue to grow in the future."

New club Chairman Barry Hughes said: "Steve was appointed manager for the last season and the club going forward will be inviting applications of which Steve can apply if he wants to. John Foley has been appointed interim manager and invitations to people to manage the club will be put out.

“It is important to get the role filled and it will be top of the agenda for the next committee meeting.

“Plans going forward at the moment is to start from scratch we have got all the positions to fill and we have a committee which consists of some of the previous one and a lot of new members.

“Fortunately, we have time on our hands despite the current Covid crisis which is awful to deal with this."

Steve confirmed he would not be reapplying for manager at this time.