KENDAL Town’s new football manager will be forced to relinquish his position due to previous work commitments.

Gary Fawcett was appointed as the new manager for the club after Steve Edmondson left the role.

However, due to his previous commitments at work, it is now too difficult for Gary to continue as Kendal Town’s new manager.

Gary was previously a member of the management team under Steve’s management.

The club is currently holding discussions in order to determine the best way forward, and to find a new candidate for the job as soon as possible.

The short-lived appointment of the new manager adds to the increasingly difficult issues facing the club during the Covid lockdown.

The club is facing particularly difficult organisational issues due to still having no confirmed date for the beginning of the upcoming football season.

Gary has been a character in the running of the club for several years acting as a coach, caretaker, and now manager.

Club secretary Taylor Hulme said: “Unfortunately, due to work commitments Gary Fawcett has stepped down as our first team manager.

“However, this does mean the position is now open again, for more information see our Facebook page or people may get in contact with us.

“Works on the ground are making lots of progress and our websites and social media platforms are currently being updated and linked together in some brilliant ways that you’ve never seen Kendal try before.

“We now have a designated team, including myself as data protection officer, who will be running our social media accounts 24 hours a day.

“We will be also providing important updates to the fans and the community and continuing the clubs’ pledge to be completely transparent about the work we are doing.

“Furthermore, we are always looking for more volunteers to offer any help they can give at this time, whether this be helping clean up and restore our ground or taking up a role on matchdays.

“Everyone is welcome so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at”

The club has previously been in contact with Gary’s employers in an attempt to reach a solution around scheduling issues.

The Kendal Town club is yet to name if anyone is likely to take over the management position on a temporary basis.

However, conflicting shifts and commitments have made it untenable for Gary to continue effectively working.

The departure of the new manager has been felt across throughout the club and Gary will be missed.

The club will be opening applications for new managers soon, however, is always looking for future volunteers to assist in organising through the Coronavirus lockdown.

Updates will be released by Kendal Town in the coming weeks, and volunteers are encouraged to get in touch.