PRE-SEASON campaign sees Kendal Town beat Burscough whilst also debuting their new young aces.

In their first game back, the team put on a hard-fought performance against the visitors and put them away with a 2-1 victory which took place at Parkside Road.

The game gave Kendal the chance to have a run out with their new players who have recently signed up.

They included Luke Camacho, Tomas Sanchez, J’nai Butterfields Steed, Greg McCaragher and Elan Assiana.

Supported by last season’s squad Sean Paterson, Patrick Allington, Jaaskelainen, Jack Rossi, Seydou Bamba and Michael Samson, the new players had the chance to show off their talents and put into practise all they had learnt.

The performance of each player was praised.

The match started off with an early goal from by Burscough.

However, Kendal did not allow this to stop their momentum.

During the second half, two fantastic goals were scored by Emil Jaaskelainen brought the club back from being one nil down.

This saw the club off to a great start with their new manager Chris Humphreys at the helm.

At the end of the first half of the heated and intense play, Kendal made a number of changes to ensure there was enough game to go around.

Different sets of players came on at various times throughout to keep everyone fresh, and to conserve their energy.

Burscough were confident early on, and they stepped up the pressure following the first goal of the game which came at the hands of James Salkeld 15 minutes into play.

He fired the ball into the bottom corner from just outside the penalty area.

Salkeld got onto the end of a good attacking move from the visitors before firing the ball past Luke Camacho in the Kendal goal.

It was Camacho’s debuting game, but he made sure no one got past him for the rest of the game.

Kendal were kept at bay by a strong defence, while Joe Dickson and Jaaskelainen both forced saves out of the visiting keeper. Dickson saw his powerful strike pushed away by Jones in the Burscough goal while Jaaskelainen saw his effort parried away by the keeper.

In the second half, off a penalty after a Burscough player pushed Jack Rossi in the penalty area, Jaaskelainen placed the ball into the bottom right hand corner.

The home team's victory was assured after a ball into the box was headed into the net by Jaaskelainen yet again.

Kendal are due to host Caton United this Saturday.