KENDAL Rugby return to play after 18 months and dominated the team from Carlisle in an intense match.

The away game saw a Kendal win of 45-7.

A turn around for the previous game which saw Carlisle power past Kendal on the same ground in the Cumbria Cup.

The game began with Glen Weightman’s kick off sending Carlisle into touch, giving Kendal an attacking lineout.

After a few minutes they were in front by five points.

Carlisle had a better time over the next ten minutes forcing Kendal into conceding a string of penalties, but the defence stood firm.

Kendal could not make a break through until the quarter of an hour mark where Steven Nelson powered to the line.

Glen Weightman later converted to reach 12 points.

Carlisle started strong in the second half but were hit again by Glen Weightman whose conversion led to 19 points to nothing.

Ten minutes into the second half it was 26 points.

Only after Kendal reached 33 points did Carlisle finally claim their first try.

A Carlisle hit the far-right side and scored a try plus a conversion.

Kendal fought back and were to end the game with two more tries in injury time.

Kendal RUFC's Director of Rugby Chris Hayton said: "It was a great game and we got a chance to run out some of our new players.

"We prepared very well and worked on a lot of defensive options which proved effective.

"Basically we wanted to get people up on their feet rather than committing too much to the rooks and mauls. When the other team commit too often you just get a tired team. We absorbed their attacks and pushed back.

"Our defence worked well and our pressing was very strong throughout.

"Carlisle found it difficult to break us.

"Huge credit to Ben for his hat trick. He's become a bit of multi-positional player. From back row to winger and now to centre.

"A win like this as an opener is a big thing for us and we look forward to seeing more of it. We're very proud of our lads and they should be proud of themselves."