KIRKBY Lonsdale celebrated a big win for their ladies hockey squad following their victory over Penrith.

The team are currently on a three-match winning streak and defeated Penrith Ladies Second team by three goals.

Squinting into the bright sunshine on the Queen Elizabeth's School pitch, the start of the match was dominated by Kirkby Lonsdale's forwards, with probing attacks into the opposition D frustrated by Penrith's solid defence.

Kirkby were able to convert, through Hannah B, managing to get onto the end of a rebound which pin balled between defence and attack.

Down by a goal at half time, Penrith made a dominant start to the second half, converting their pressure within the first ten minutes through some quick passing moves to score a clean goal and bring themselves level.

Kirkby Lonsdale’s reaction brought the attacking pressure back to Penrith, with balls whizzing across the D, and one attempt thwarted on the goal line.

A brilliant tap-in on the right post from Ollie W put Kirkby back in front, and although Penrith had some chances on the counter-attack, Kirkby Lonsdale were able to maintain the pressure.

Drives down the wing from both sides led to the final goal - a great close-up finish from Hannah F.