KENDAL Town Football Club have been relegated following a defeat streak that has seen them not taste victory in ten games.

The Mintcakes were relegated following Saturday’s match against Prescot Cables which they lost by just one goal that was claimed in the 90th minute of the game despite a dominant performance by the Kendal squad.

The relegation has been seen as inevitable by the community but Kendal Town vows to see out its remaining games in the season with their heads held high and to bounce back following this set back.

Club chairman Mike O’Neill has reflected on the season as the club awaits to hear where it will end up next.

He said: “There was a sense of inevitability about this especially with all that has happened since New Year’s Day where we were four points away from safety.

“Then our nearest rivals doubled their budgets and with the club’s financial situation we weren’t in a position ethically speaking to match that.

“We were making long term decisions but that did affect us in the short term.

“We are very proud of our lads on Saturday. They dominated the field for sixty minutes and we’re really impressed with what they did, but that last minute goal was all Prescot needed.

“Next for us will be the ground grading on Monday which we expect to pass, that gets submitted to the FA and where we end up depends on what happens in other leagues and where they feel we are best suited.

“It’s out of our hands but there are advantages and disadvantages to all situations. We will see where the FA put us and do our best to get promoted from there.

“For the club the next season starts now and it’s all about momentum. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been promoted, relegated or on the mid-table you still need to keep playing.

“We certainly will not curl up and die. We will play the games we’re given and stick to our ethos.

“Our message to the fans is to stick with us and get behind us. It’s never been a better time to buy stocks and shares in the club, and even though from an outside point of view we’re at rock bottom, we’re on our way back up.

“There are a lot of exciting young players in the team and we look to recruit more before next season. It’s a tough time for that at the moment but we’re working to bring more people in.

“We want to keep that community spirit alive. On Saturday Prescot saw around 700 people attending the game.

“The club is appealing for volunteers and for club committee members. The committee is relatively small and we want to expand that.

“We thank everyone for their support of us and we will be back.”

Kendal Town vows to return to the pitch soon and see out the remaining matches in the season.