KENDAL Town Football Club Ladies Team are looking to increase their strength and add new players to their ranks.

The team are looking for players to add to their squad as they prepare for life in The Lancashire Woman’s County League.

The team who are managed by Chris Miller were accepted into the Lancashire Woman’s County League at the AGM after previously in in The North Valley Burnley Unity League.

However while they have a squad of sixteen the team are looking to add more experience and know how as well as quality into a very good young group of players.

All games will be played on Sunday, while the team’s home games take place at Kendal Town Football Clubs Mortgages by Mcateer Stadium.

Kendal Towns Ladies finished second in The North Valley Burnley Unity League for what was their first season in a difficult campaign fraught with bad weather as well as teams pulling out of the division.

If anyone is interested in joining contact Chris Miller on: 07525 733 688 or email: