KENDAL Town FC mounted a dramatic comeback in their recent match against Irlam Town despite a rough start.

After being knocked down to 2-0 in the first ten minutes of the game, Kendal's spirit did not fall.

Irlam Town seemed to be in complete control and maintained pressure on the pitch but The Mintcakes were able to fight back and win by 4-3.

Five minutes after being 2-0 down, Kendal almost scored which kept Irlam on their toes.

Some team work by Mambwe Chilufya and Tom Kilifin put Kendal on the scoreboards when they knocked in a loose ball from a Wraigthe cross.

The back-and-forth action continued with both sides having their moments.

Irlam had a chance through Saul Henderson but Ryan Hogarth put an end to it with a block.

Irlam went back to being two ahead after a penalty 23 minutes in saw Henderson score to make it 3-1.

Kendal answered this with some action from Kilifin once against when he made it past Pilling for Steve Yawson to claim the goal.

Kendal really pushed for the equaliser and after Rob Wilson had seen a free kick well which drew them level. It was Kilifin who was there to score with a diving header from another Wraigthe cross.

The battle for domination of the pitch continued with neither side being able to fully overpower the other, until the 68th minute when Pattinson who scored the final goal.

Kilifin went close to completing a hat-trick but was denied by Pilling and then substitute Dylan Mobbs should have made the game safe on 88 minutes but put his shot straight at the keeper from a few yards.

The Mintcakes face Ashton Athletic away on Tuesday, and Saturday’s game at Northwich Viictoria will now take place at Parkside Road.