Captain of England football team Harry Kane could receive a yellow card if he wears a ‘One Love’ armband in England's opener at the World Cup.

The Football Association are also expecting to receive a fine from FIFA for the England team.

The fine and yellow card could come as the FA is believed to have been told by FIFA that Kane can not wear the armband during matches. The band is designed to promote diversity and inclusion.  

The rainbow armband holds more significance at the World Cup in Qatar, as the host country sees homosexuality as illegal.

England is not the only team that could face fines as seven other European nations wear the band including Wales.

The Westmorland Gazette: Harry Kane and Gareth Southgate Harry Kane and Gareth Southgate (Image: PA)

The important armband is to be worn by team captains during every match and include phrases like “football unites the world.”

But with the World Cup officially underway and England set to play their first match against Iran, FIFA has made the team aware of some laws.

The law states that: “no item [of playing kit or other clothing or equipment or otherwise] may be worn or used in any controlled area if Fifa considers that it is dangerous, offensive or indecent, includes political, religious, or personal slogans, statements, or images, or otherwise does not comply in full with the laws of the game”.

The law means that players could receive a yellow card if they break the law, however, Kane has said he will wear the armband during the opening game.

As the England captain previously said, “we’ve made it clear as a team and a staff and organisation that we want to wear the armband.

"I know the FA are talking to FIFA at the moment, and I’m sure by game-time tomorrow they will have their decision. I think we’ve made it clear that we want to wear it."

How to watch England’s first game at the World Cup?

England’s first match will be against Iran on Monday, November 21.

You can watch this on BBC1. Coverage begins at 12pm with kick-off at 1pm.

If you miss the action live, you can also catch up on iPlayer at a later time.

What channel is the World Cup on in the UK?

BBC and ITV will be sharing coverage of this year’s World Cup, broadcasting every game live across BBC1 and ITV1.

You can also catch the action on BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.