A TRIATHLON athlete has become a World Champion in his age group in two different disciplines for the first time at an event in Hamburg.

Stuart Robinson, 60, from Appleby came first out of 103 other competitors from around the world in the 60-64 Age Group Triathlon Sprint World Championships in a time of 1:09:00.

And two days later, he won the Mixed Sprint 60-69 Age Relay out of 24 teams with Linda Bond, Claire Bloom and Keith Tannetta finishing ahead of the rest in 01:33:39.

The events took place at the World Triathlon Championship Series on July 14 in Hamburg.

The Westmorland Gazette:

The Westmorland Gazette:

Stuart travels around the world competing in triathlon events and is his main hobby.

He has previously won three European Championships, a British and English Championship in his age range, but he said nothing beats the feeling of finally winning a World Championship.

He said: “I’m very proud of all of my achievements, especially winning a World Championship. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into winning what I have, so it’s a justification of all of my hard work.

"It means I’m doing something right and I’ve not just wasted my time.

“I’ve always liked the concept of a triathlon and how you can combine cycling, running and swimming all together.

“The biggest buzz came when winning the 60-69 mixed relay age group world championships with Linda (Bond), Claire (Bloom) and Keith (Tannetta).

“Thanks to everyone that has supported, helped and tolerated me in any way - that is all hugely important in keeping my mind, body and equipment in the best place it can be.

“I’m taking a week off now to let it all sink in and then I’ll let the next plan form.”

Stuart now runs the Ullswater Junior Triathlon Club at Appleby Leisure Centre with a couple of other coaches.

“My ambition is to inspire the next generation of children wanting to compete in triathlons,” Stuart added.

“We’ve got some great triathletes coming through and it’s just a really good place for kids to go to keep fit, getting them involved in something which is good and healthy for them.”