New research has revealed that the North West is the second best area in the country for producing England team footballers.

The findings from were obtained by studying 204 male England team players from over the past 24 years to see which region they were born in.

London tops the list with 57 footballers, such as the famed David Beckham and Harry Kane, amongst others including now manager Gareth Southgate.

The North West closely follows in second place having produced 50 notable players. 

Within the region, Merseyside has produced 18 football players, including Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard, while Greater Manchester produced 17 players including Marcus Rashford and Gary and Phil Neville. 

In third place comes Yorkshire and the Humber, the birthplace of 22 players, including Harry Maguire and Dominic Calvert-Lewin, both Sheffield natives playing for Manchester United and Everton F.C respectively.

Taking fourth and fifth place are the South East and West Midlands with 20 and 19 players, respectively, with Hertfordshire leading in the latter area with five players. 

Steven Ellis of said: "The football-rich heritage of London and the North West, exemplified by clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester and Liverpool, contributes significantly to the development of skilled players, resulting in a greater representation in the national team compared to other regions. 

"In contrast, the East Midlands and the South West may face challenges in player development, given the potential lack of top-tier clubs and robust football infrastructure, resulting in a lower number of players from these regions making it to the national team."