A TRIO of intrepid explorers from South Lakeland have been helping a former England soccer star achieve a high-level endurance feat in sub-zero Arctic temperatures.

Expedition consultant Paul Walker, of New Hutton, mountaineering instructor Nigel Edwards, and mountain guide Robin Beadle supported ex-international striker Ian Wright scale the Arctic's highest mountain for a gripping TV documentary.

Mr Walker, from New Hutton, who runs Tangent Expeditions International, organised the trip for a London-based TV company.

The highlight was Mr Wright's successful climb of the 12,014ft (3,693m) Gunnbjornsfjeld peak in the heart of the Watkins Mountains, eastern Greenland.

Mr Edwards, from Kendal, and Newby Bridge-based Mr Beadle were flown with Mr Wright into the heart of the remote range, the ski-equipped aircraft making a potentially treacherous landing on a snow-covered glacier.

The team then skied for several days in sub-zero temperatures to reach the base of the mountain, where they established a base camp to prepare for the arduous climb.

Mr Walker said: "Despite being an internationally recognised and successful sportsman, along with the total dedication, discipline and fitness required for such a career, Ian described the expedition and the summit attempt as the most difficult thing he had ever done.

"He was pushed to the absolute limits of physical and psychological endurance."

The documentary, Ian Wright's Excellent Adventure, will be shown on Sky One on Thursday, October 6, at 9pm.