A KESWICK canoeist won a gold and two silver medals in a sport making waves with women across the globe.

Lisa Suttle, who trains on Derwentwater, finished second in the event on the River Liane in Boulogne.

Canoe events differ from normal kayaking events as the competitors use single-bladed paddles and what is known as a “high-kneeling” position from which to paddle.

It has historically been a male-dominated discipline but is now rapidly gaining worldwide recognition as an event for women as well.

On the morning of day one Lisa secured straight entry to the C1 200-metre final A by winning her heat, winning her silver medal in the final on the last day.

On day two the C1 500-metre straight final event which was an extremely close fought affair, and Suttle missed out on gold by less than half a second to secure another runners-up medal.

But the ladies last event of this international meeting was the final of the C2 500-metre that included seven crews, and this time Suttle went one better, securing the gold medal with partner Samantha Rippington with an excellent victory.

Suttle and Rippington will return to France in July to take part in the Women’s Canoe 2012 event.

Suttle said: “It was extremely encouraging to see the number of ladies participating in the women’s canoe events and we are very grateful to all our supporters at Derwentwater Marina, particularly our coach, for all the encouragement and support that has been given to us to take part and promote this sport for women.”