STUDENTS from South Cumbria travelled to the Algarve coast of Portugal for the World Schools Orienteering Championships, with Lakeland OC members Sarah Jones of Barrow Sixth Form College and Natalie Beadle of Cartmel Priory School participating.

Both were selected for an older girls’ team drawn from different schools across England.

After making a technical error in her 3.3km event, Jones excelled in the 5.2km event to take the silver medal. Natalie was 18th and 23rd in the two events.

Jones had further success in the finale – a Friendship Team event, in which she teamed up with students from Portugal and Austria to take first place.

Twenty nations took part including China, Israel, Mozambique and New Zealand, with England and Scotland among the European countries attending.

Ulverston Victoria High School was selected to represent England in two of the four competition classes – older boys aged 15 to 17 and younger girls aged 13 to 15.

Competing in two events, the boys’ results over distances of 3.6km and 6.3km were Will Rigg (13th and 21st), Angus Dobson (12th and 38th), Adam Bartlett (39th and 20th), James Allison (33rd and 51st) and Andrew Brockbank (32nd first event only).

The girls competed over 2.5km and 4.3km – Florrie Dobson (21st both days), Daisy Fletcher-Cooney (41st & 34th), Grace Pugh (42nd & 39th), Anna Scott-Maxwell (45th both days) and Bethan Cross (47th first event only)